S.S. 304/PPGI Wall & Ceiling Panelling

Aero Equipmentss facilitates the OT is of SS-304 / PPGI Structure using minimum Joints panel with Wall & Ceiling. The panel size is of 4’ x 9’, 50 mm thick is used with Puff insulated in it. Also GI Section is fitted on to the walls of OT with air tight fitting. Due to the growing concern for infection control in hospitals and clinics, Aero has developed a full line of antimicrobial wall systems that resist the growth of germs and bacteria. Choose from a variety of materials, colors, and installation methods. Our antimicrobial wall protection systems feature easy-to-clean surfaces with seamless transition. We offer wall systems fabricated from strong aluminum or stainless steel. All of the hygienic wall systems are designed to protect walls from impact, and are most commonly used in hospitals, laboratories, clinics and other facilities that maintain a clean environment. * Double skin puff insulated panel with one side SS-304 and other side PPGI material thickness 0.5 mm and panel thickness 50 mm. * Most popular, widely used, ideal insulator. * It is thermosetting material when exposed to fire, does not drip or melt; forms a strong carbonaceous char that protects the core and prevents spread of flame. * Additions of FR agents further augment fire retardant properties. * It is CFC free & self-extinguishing. Conforms to IS-12436-88. * Light weight, compact and construction friendly. * Easy to install. * Portability and relocatability. * Save energy and cost. * Low maintenance.