Automatic Sliding Door

Supply, Installation, Testing of automatic sliding hermatically with Double sided wall frame with HPL Plank 400mm. 1- Door Profiles- Aluminium Alloy, Grade 6063, Temper T6. Natural Anodized 20 μm. 2-Polyurethane-2-Component Polyurethane Rigid CFC Free. Dimensional stability at +100°C & -25°C (2%max).Density 45Kg/M3 with max deviation of 2kg/m3 as per DIN53420. 3- Door Skin- SS316/SS304/P.P.G.I both side of door. 4- Sealing Gasket (Sides and Top)- Replaceable Bulb and Lip design EPDM gasket. 5- Sealing Gasket(Bottom)- .Replaceable Special lower sealing EPDM gasket. 6-. Vision Panel- Double Glazed IG unit with 5mm tempered glass on both sides. Size = 300 mm x 300 mm x 60mm. 7-Lever Handle- Solid AISI 304 Grade Stainless Steel with rubber spring system. 8- Rail System- 6mm deep indentations with ‘down and in’ movement at the angle of 45⁰. 9- Rollers- Special Grade Self-lubricating PA Bearings: 2X per roller. 10-Wall Frame- Aluminium Alloy, Grade 6063, Temper T6 Natural Anodized 20 μm. 11- Planks- HPL Planks finished with compact laminates are used to cover the door opening. 12- Noise Insulation-28 dB. 13- Air Permeability- Air Leakage at ± 100 Pa (pressure difference) = 0.07 m³/h.m. 14- Additional Lock & Key

1-Microprocessor Based SDA 04 controller. (230 Vac, 750 W (max), 2- 90W DC Servo motor, IP65 protection Class, 20 Nm, 3Øx230V. (CE Marked). 3- If an obstruction is present and prevents the door from closing, the intelligent automation sense with self reversal function thus eliminating the need for an ugly safety strip.4- Additional safety is provided by means of a photo cell fitted across the door opening. 5- Variable options for the opening and closing speeds, time delay closing and part opening for pedestrian use and are easy to adjust. 6- A self diagnostic coded system makes fault finding simple, reducing expensive down time. 7- Magic (Hand) Switch- The spread of infection is controlled by automating the doors with touch less sensors allowing hands free operation. 8- Foot switch or Elbow Switch- AISI 304 grade Stainless Steel Foot Switches with high quality inductive sensors. Control: Microprocessor-controlled with Deceleration Measurement System sliding door drive. Power supply: 230 Vac +10% / -15%. Frequency: 47-63Hz . Power Consumption -Maximum : 750 W. Drive :3 phase DC motor. Nominal Motor power:90 W, High Torque Motor -20Nm. Microprocessor controlled motor driver. Max. door weight : 350 Kg. Adjustable Speed Control level: 1-9 . Slow speed (V slow) :20(Threshold speed) - 120 mm. / sec. Starting speed (V start) :20(Threshold spped) - 220 mm. / sec. Opening speed (V open) :Threshold speed to 800 mm. / sec. Closing speed (V close):Threshold speed to 400 mm. / sec. Pedestrian opening (Half Opening width) :10% - 99% of the available door opening.