Modular ICU

* Required condition of air management in the Modular ICU * Classifications - Class 100 (particles measuring 0.5 microns or larger/ cubic feet as per NABH for Modular ICU) * Bacteriological class - B (5CFU/m3) * Particle decontamination Kinetics - 5 min * Biological decontamination kinetics - 5 min * GMP Annex I classification - Class A * ISO 14644/1/NABH classification - Is0 5 (at rest condition) * The air quality at the supply i.e. At the grill level should be class 1000 (particles measuring 0.5 microns or larger/ cubic feet as per NABH) / ISO Class 6 (at rest condition) for ICU. * The temperature at 21 +/- 3 degree C with corresponding relative Humidity between 45 - 60% should be maintained inside the ICU all the time. * ICU should kept under Positive pressure (15 pascal) as per ISO 14644 for prevention of infection. * Exhaust cabinet with blower should be equipped for case of fumigation in ICU. Return Air riser should be placed at the four corners and connected with AHU.