Laminar air flow unit works by the use of in-flow laminar air

drawn through one or more HEPA filters, designed to create a particle-free working environment and provide product protection.

  • Air is taken through a filtration system and then exhausted across the work surface as part of the laminar flows process.
  • Laminar flow is best described as airflow in which the entire body of air within a designated space is uniform in both velocity and direction.
  • In other words, the airflow close to the solid surface is moving in straight lines parallel to that surface.

A laminar flow hood is equipment that uses laminar airflow to protect lab samples and equipment from contamination.

Air Filtration Systems for Laboratories

Air Filtration Systems for Laboratories are designed to improve air quality within the laboratory or office in order to protect health of personnel. These air filtrations systems feature the Erlab Halo system which is mounted into the ceiling and will continuously pull dirty air through the filter and return clean air back into the atmosphere.

Another featured filtration system from Erlab is the ChemTrap system which filters air from a safety or acid cabinet’s internal chamber. This captures all toxic fumes and then releases clean air back into the laboratory.

  • The Air Inside Healthcare Facilities Can Contain:
  • Molds, spores, pollens
  • Ammonia, Mercury, polyvinyl chloride, carbon monoxide, radon, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) (VOCs from surgical spirit/ anaesthesia/ laboratory reagents/ surface cleaning agents etc)
  • Bacteria, viruses, and byproducts

It is well known that concentrations of pollutants in outdoor air are lower than in indoor one because internal sources, including HVAC systems, building materials, hospital staff, medical and human activities, etc., can influence air performance.

Air Filters For The Pharmaceutical Cleanroom

The pharmaceutical industry has become one of the most developed sectors in recent times. Progressive advancements in science and technology have helped this industry grow.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most heavily regulated manufacturing firms. Quality management systems have a direct impact on the ultimate quality of finished products.

  • The manufacturing steps hold design conception, withdrawal, dispensation, manufacture, alteration, liberation, packaging, and storage.
  • Formulation: The process of creating a drug substance into a final product form
  • Fill/Finish: The process of taking the drug substance and filling it into the final container

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also set up strict requirements on air purity levels within the pharmaceutical industry to minimise the threat of airborne contamination to the quality of both prescription and over-the-counter medications. Especially for aseptically prepared parenteral medicine, such as injectables and infusions, no degree of contamination is acceptable, as severe harm or even life-threatening risks to the patient can result.


Limit microbiological cross-contamination from mould, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, fine dusts from dry ingredients

Our ProSafe range of filters offer food manufacturers peace of mind. They meet the strictest regulations in the food industry. Plus, they give you high energy efficiency and a lower total cost of ownership.

  • Improve your equipment’s resistance to corrosion
  • Fight odours.
  • Cut production downtime and product loss
  • Gain operational efficiencies, with quick and simple filter installation and accessibility
  • Comply with food safety standards – we provide food contact certification when applicable

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Laminar flow hoods are used in various settings, including medical laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and food processing plants.


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